Drawing their musical influences from 50s, 60s, and 70s British and American rock, the NWB is known for their outstanding vocals and harmonies as well as sophisticated instrumentalists. The band sets itself apart by performing uncommonly played songs from the classic rock and roll era as well as the diverse age range of the band’s members. Performing remarkably accurate covers from The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Doors, Elvis Presley, and countless others from the age of classic rock and roll, they are guaranteed to please crowds of all ages.

        The band's first studio CD release Yesterday Meets Today, has gained great praise from members of the music community including positive comments from members of Herman’s Hermits, The Steve Miller Band, and radio personalities. Their Beatles’ covers have been featured on FM radio.

The band features:

         Nathan Ward on keyboards, guitar, and vocals is the youngest member of the group. Nathan has been playing music since the age of 4 and cites Paul McCartney, Steve Miller, and Elvis Presley as the driving forces behind his musical career.        

            Steve started drumming in his teens with Dixieland, pop and big bands in his native England. He moved to the States and joined a local Top 40 band, where he added vocals and harmonies. Since then he has played with country, jazz, rockabilly, zydeco and classic rock bands.

         Ken Crowell on bass and vocals has performed in a number of different bands playing a variety of musical genres throughout his career; these include Irish, folk, country – but his favorite remains classic rock.​

         Graham Fulton on guitar and vocals has performed in a number of different bands playing a variety of musical genres including Sidewinder and Group Therapy and spent two years in the American Boychoir School       

         With many years of professional performance experience, the band high-quality and affordable musical entertainment suitable for all ages for all kinds of events from municipalities to private parties to fairs and festivals.

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